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MCM Spring/Summer 2012 - Blossoms in Munich: Liberty Regained


Munich - after an evolution of nonconformism, an insatiable hunger for life dominates the city day after day.  It's an era of permeable boundaries between subculture and mass culture, between the aura of the individual and popular mass movement. The metropolis blazes a timeless never-ending intoxication. 

The city rebirths as the epicentre of passion, elegance, sophistication and opportunity.  Free-spirited and cosmopolitan, it radiates adventure, ambition, creativity and escapades into the unknown.  Marinated with an enigmatic charm, Munich emits a restlessness, an energetic spontaneity and a desire for discovery.  The city both captivates and mystifies in its evanescent charisma- here, anything is possible.



Enter Jessica- a defiant iconoclast who lives life to the fullest.  A damsel-in-distress turned femme fatale, she's tough, boldly pristine yet unapologetically self-assured.



Visiting Munich for the first time, she stays at the home of the creme de la creme, the Bayerischer Hof, ready to blaze a trail before her.  Disposed for a new life, she discovers a newfound confidence with unspoken determination.  Jessica paves her way to a never before seen freedom that felt fresh, novel, ironic yet somehow unexpected.  She was tired of holding back- daring, elite and independent Jessica walks towards her own self made destiny.   The best part was, she created it herself; rebellion was an understatement- liberty was the symptom.  Freedom was redefined because she chose the road upon which she walked.  Her determination was beguiling, alluring, yet fierce and unyielding.  Hypnotically enchanting yet boldly independent, Jessica defines her own liberty by making life her own runway. 

Discovering boundless arrays of florae, she is stirred with inspiration.  After incubating a self-proclaimed emancipation, she encounters the final ingredients needed to bloom.  Irises, euphorbias, and apple blossoms fill the hotel, rousing sentiments of determination, passion, and self-declared good fortune.  Large, dramatic and wild, the flowers were theatrical, almost baiting her inspiration.  They concealed a quiet eloquence, expressed by their spectacular colours, vivid contrasts, and striking appeal.  They were magnetic, fascinating yet perplexing; something inside her awakened. 


She began to embody the nobility of the magnolia, the fervour of the nasturtium, and the enchantment of the vervain.  She became the elegance of the dahlia, the valour of the edelweiss, and the vigour of the snapdragon.  Her life became akin to the flowers that flourished; it blossomed because of her own determination. 


She felt rebellious, blithe yet empowered, and no one was going to get in the way of her newfound liberty.  Freedom became a decision, a mood which transformed into an attitude.  It was a freedom defined by intention with an audacity to live freely; it was unbounded by restraint and punctuated with a deliberate eccentricity


Jessica realised anything was possible as long as she believed it.  Empowered by her redefined sovereignty, she closes the doors to her fears & doubts, and walks towards the endless possibilities before her.  The world was hers for the taking- so she's grasping it


Hair tied back, her eyes mean business.  Her daring glance both beckons and repels; this was both a proclamation and an awakening to boldness, inner courage and a self-endowed audacity.  Jessica sports a white biker jacket and sleek white trousers with monochrome leopard print looking as pristine as a breath of fresh air.  She evokes her inner tigress appearing fierce and bold, yet elegant and breathtaking.  The canvas of white resembled her newfound sincerity, enhanced by her handbags’ aggressively vivid colours. 

 The self-fashioned all-round it-girl concedes to live life to the max- ambition became an irony as she claimed her dreams; it became obsolete as her dreams become her reality.  It was up to no one else but her- she opens and closes the doors in her life and walks in the shadows of no one.  Nothing to hide, her determination was fierce, her look magnetic.

 She was no longer a damsel-in-distress, she now holds everyone in her thrall.  This femme fatale chased no man- it was them that chased her and it was her that walked past them.  This season, Jessica is MCM’s 21st Century all-round heroine who succeeds by seizing her own liberty.  Her career, family and social lives blossomed in a symphonic coexistence.  Discovering that independence is nothing until claimed, she is an attitude: daring, spirited & enchanting.  Jessica feels beautiful, empowered, and captures the endless opportunities which unfold before her.

Starting in the Bayerischer Hof, Jessica takes Grace, Kitty & Veronika Isis on a journey of ambition & rebellion throughout Munich.  Enhancing her beguiling allure, these bold & contemporary accessories flaunt daring colour combinations affirming a glamour that goes unspoken, much like the alluring refinery of an enigmatic fragrance. 

Her passion for discovery is only matched by her redefined liberty.   She’s a head-turner, a trend setter and daredevil; women aspire to be her, men to be hers.  While she radiates a refined eccentricity, her sophistication is unspoken-- she is truly a rebel, the freest of spirits: ambitious, impassioned, a woman who shapes her own destiny based on her newfound self-empowered freedom.


Inspiration & Campaign Concept:

Spring / Summer 2012 It-Bags:


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