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About the MCM Culture & Lifestyle Blog



We agree with Proust. That's why our blog is all about conceptual travel and the discovery of inspiration. Quite often voyages & travel exist on several planes, from the physical to the conceptual. Consider when reading a story for example- your imagination is on an intellectual expedition although you're (probably) completely still. Here you can travel with MCM through concepts & ideas

 We've enlisted the help of blogger extraordinaire Laetitia Wajnapel, aka Mademoiselle Robot, Sarah & Nike from This is Jane Wayne, Alexandra from HRH Collection and MJ Rabbit to bring you inspiration from around the world of fashion, style, culture and of course all the latest from MCM.

Mademoiselle Robot grew up in Paris, the capital of couture, and like MJ Rabbit, now lives in London the capital of cool.   "The Janes" likewise grew up in Berlin, Germany's home for the fashion cognoscenti, and Alexandra is based in the home of the notorious glitterati, aka California.  Our typical blog posts feature anything from stand-out exhibition photographs to street-style shots.

Join us in our conceptual travels- we hope you’re inspired by the MCM culture & lifestyle blog.  Here luxury is a mindset.

Well, on a physical level MCM's luxury travel goods are timeless due to their impeccable designs & high-quality materials which never deteriorate. Here on the blog you can interact with MCM, concepts & ideas in a non-physical timeless space where past & future are fused, which thus enables us to conduct conceptual journeys & intellectual expeditions where inspiration is both the journey and destination.

Join us in touring the worlds of fashion, culture& style, and of course MCM news. Here you will transcend time & space through MCM’s timelessness & experience conceptual travel.


 Meet the voices of MCM! 

 To help you understand the contributors behind our blog we thought we'd have a little chat with Laetitia Wajnapel aka Mademoiselle Robot, Nike & Sarah from This is Jane Wayne, Alexandra from HRH Collection, as well as MJ Rabbit, our latest guest contributor, who have been keeping you in the loop of all things MCM and more. Read on to find out more about their vision of style, their ambition for the MCM blog and what luxury means to them.



Tell us about yourself & what you do.

My name is Laetitia Wajnapel, I am originally from Paris but have been in London for over 7 years now. I worked as a Journalist and Editor for many years & and I now work as an Editorial and Social Media Consultant as well. I also have my own Fashion


Please introduce your site.

My site is a Fashion and Lifestyle blog with a modern vintage twist. It is a platform for me to write about everything I like and that catches my eye. I also document my outfits, give style tips and interview artists, designers and interesting personalities. In the past year, I've hired a few contributors to help me cover menswear as well as events in NYC and LA.


What is it like to be a fashion blogger?

It is great! Not one day is the same. There is an immense freedom that you don't have when working for a magazine. It is also quite unpredictable and sometimes solitary... but I like it!


Biggest Pro?

Freedom, independence.


Biggest Con?

It used to be quite difficult to be taken seriously, but it is getting better.


What would be a typical day for you?

There isn't really a typical day, but I normally write in the morning and then do a little bit of admin. After lunch I generally schedule meetings or I go see exhibitions, films, meet with designers to fill my brain with inspiration!


Where do you find inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere! It could be a building, someone I walk past in the street, something I experienced years ago, a film - anything goes really. I also look inside myself a lot to find inspiration.



What are your techniques on finding inspiration when on a creative drought?

I go for a walk to clear my mind, or I look at a beautiful book.


How would you describe your style?

In the Summer, I like to channel a vintage, laid back LA look and in the Winter I am more classic / preppy / Parisian, but always with a humorous twist.



Who would you love to dress?

It would be really fun to dress someone like Zooey Deschanel, although I am not sure what I would change!


Are there any designers that inspire you?

I love Luella, but sadly she doesn't trade anymore. I like playful designers, like Miuccia Prada, Marc Jacobs - they are all fairly classic, but with a twist... And of course, I love MCM!


How do you feel about the lifestyle of travel & global-nomadism?

I always have itchy feet and am constantly looking around for new things to discover, so I am all for the lifestyle of travel and global-nomadism. The work I do for MCM allows me to travel a lot (at least in my mind) as I am always writing about things that are happening around the globe.

This year, I've been on over 20 press trips to various cities around the world and it has most definitely enriched my life and inspired me a lot!


Do you have a favourite MCM bag?

I think my absolute favourite is the Giorno satchel. But I also like the Shanghai collection a lot! I would be hard pressed to pick just one! When I saw the Fall collection, I fell in love with Tracey & Veronika.

Shanghai Collection Tambourine


Describe this blog’s ‘timeless’ framework & culture & lifestyle angle.

I think we are not trying to force feed a brand to our readers. We mainly want to show them what MCM stands for, what inspires us, what makes us tick. We are eager to share all our discoveries with our readers. All the books, hotels, bars and more that are reviewed on the blog are part of a lifestyle that goes with our products. The aim is to show MCM's soul.


In your own words how do you think luxury is a mindset?

I think luxury is in every little details of life. From the plate you chose to eat from to the scented candle in your living room. Luxury isn't necessarily about being a millionaire, it is about appreciating and paying attention to detail.


What do you like about MCM & what do you hope to achieve?

I like the timelessness of the MCM brand and its rich history. With the blog, I hope to get the younger generation, the online generation more aware of our beautiful label.







Tell us about yourself & what you do.

We're Nike and Sarah, two Fashion Journalists and Editors based in the heart of Berlin with a huge passion for the brightside and beautiful little things of life. We also run the blog thisisjanewayne.

Please introduce your site.

This is Jane Wayne is a Potpourri of everything that surrounds us, like photography, music, art, film and a lot of fashion. We write about fine finds, post our daily-outfits, share the soundtracks of our days and spread the Berlin Vibe into the world. It is a mix of typical blog finds, fashion week news, journalistic categories like features, interviews and socio-critical or even very personal articles - but most importantly it's a heart project.

What is it like to be a fashion blogger?

It's always exciting, because you never know what comes next. Every day is a new day and there's always so much to see, so much inspiration. Sometimes we feel like little kids, with our mouths open, wondering about all these colourful things that have to be discovered. But you shouldn't forget, that you have to take charge of what you write about and present to your readers - so don't forget you have not only eyes to see, but a brain to think about things, too. 

Biggest Pro?

You can share your opinion and finds with the world just the way you want it to, you are independent and the boss of your own time. 

Biggest Con?

It's hard to be taken seriously, it's hard work and there's less security than if you had choosen a "nine to five job".

What would be a typical day for you?

We always meet up early in the morning in our office at Torstraße in the heart of Berlin where we have a coffee with the guys, discuss future plans and check our mails. Then the working-day begins. We read trough the internet, through masses of magazines, go out and discover the city, new brands and shops to write about. We always try to have a lunch break, but it doesn't really work out, because you can't really relax until you finish work. In the evening there are always a lot of events in Berlin, that have to be attended. But to be honest: Sometimes we prefer just to go home and have a tasty and lovely dinner with friends. 


Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. It doesn't make any sense to see one thing without the other: Fashion needs music and music needs art and so on. You have to keep your eyes open, talk to people you love or new ones you meet while waiting for the train. Your grandmother can be inspiring, your books, all these beautiful magazines or even a walk through the flea market or woods - just inhale the world. 




Your favourite place(s) in Berlin?

Nike: My favourite place is my home. If I'm not there I like Berlin theaters  like "Schaubuehne" or "Hebbel am Ufer" and all these pretty parks around the city.


Sarah: I love to have dinner with friends, eat typical italian pizza at "Il Casolare" in Kreuzberg or choose the traditional german but at the same time very modern restaurant "Schneeweiß" in Friedrichshain, and let the day end with a glass of wine.


What are your techniques on finding inspiration when on a creative drought?

Close your eyes and listen to some soft music. Put away your laptop and iphone and just take paper and a pen to brainstorm, create moodboards. If that doesn't help, we simply need some fresh air.



How would you describe your styles?

Nike: I hate to choose, that's my problem. One day I like it loud and colourful with a 60s twist and love to details, sometimes there's even a little bit of grunge in my style. And on the other day, I'm more the skandinavian clean one. What I always like: Monochrom Outfits in pastel tones.


Sarah: I absolutely agree with Nike: It's hard to decide. We are young so we try to discover different trends and mix a lot. But I definitely love the scandinavian minimalism.



Who would you love to dress?

Nike: I love Alexa Chung's style but who doesn't? Maybe I would dress Karl Lagerfeld and put him in some colours.


Sarah: I would love to dress the one or the other news presenter - their style is often a little bit boring and old fashioned.



Are there any designers that inspire you?

We adore Givenchy, Celine and Stella McCartney as well as Rei Kawakubo, The Antwerp 6 and Hussein Chalayan. But Stine Goya, Acne and Henrik Vibskov, let's say "the skandinavian ones", are definitely hyped for good reason.



How do you feel about the lifestyle of travel & global-nomadism?

To travel is like breathing. Discovering new things and different cultures is a very important aspect if it comes to the sentence "I am open minded". There's a difference between reading about countries and situations and discovering these things with your own eyes. Even short press trips around the world form your personality - in a good way, because you have to become independent. But you definitely need one place you can call home - staying grounded and down to earth as well as caring about the important things of life like friendship is something too many people forget in today's society.

Do you have a favourite MCM bag?

Sarah: Hard decision. I can't decide between the medium Backpack, the small Tambourine (Both Heritage Line) and the medium Flagpover Bag (Tracy Line Visetos).

Nike: I love the New Alba Large Tote.


In your own words how do you think luxury is a mindset?

Luxury is what makes your life a little bit sweeter. It is not about being rich or own lots of things - it is what makes your heart beat: Maybe a lovely sunday with friends or family, maybe the freedom to have a job that makes you happy, maybe this little letter your best friend gave to you. Of course having a new bag is luxury - but only if you can value it. If luxury meant having everything, this world would be a place without any emotions.

What do you like about MCM & what do you hope to achieve?

We like MCM because this brand respects different styles and doesn't try to be just a) or b). It's both: Loud and silent, classy and stunning. It's timeless and at the same time traditional without being boring. We hope to let our readers discover the MCM world the way we do it: As an exciting, traditional, but fresh brand with good quality. 





Tell us about yourself & what you do

Hi! My name is Alexandra, I was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California and later found myself living in Shanghai, China while working towards a masters degree.

Shanghai truly changed my perspective on fashion and sense of style.

When I graduated and returned to LA, I found myself missing Shanghai more and more. While job-hunting in a depressed economy, I started my blog, HRH Collection and made jewelry for my friends to fill my time.

After finding a job in corporate America, I continued blogging and designing jewelry, soon after it became more than a hobby.

Today I work on my blog and jewelry line full time.

I would never have dreamt a hobby could turn into a career, which I absolutely love.  

Dreams do come true!


Please introduce your site

My blog is called It is a lifestyle and fashion blog where I share everything that excites me!

 I also have a YouTube channel, I post videos on fashion, tutorials and everything involving my life and things I love.

My jewelry line can be found at, where every piece is lovingly, handmade and designed by me.




What is it like to be a fashion blogger?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I’m just so grateful that my readers and viewers enjoy my blog enough to keep reading!

Its so amazingly fulfilling and most important, fun!



Biggest Pro?

Being able to do what I love.


Biggest Con?

Not having enough hours in the day.


·         What would be a typical day for you?

Alongside my blog, I have my jewelry line, which consists of most of my day... From general admin to meeting with my suppliers, making and designing pieces and thinking of ways to expand.

I’m always busy but find that exciting and rewarding!

Weekend getaways to neighboring cities, meeting with friends for girls nights and spending time with loves ones keep me going.

My beloved pet rabbit, Bao Bao is also a big part of my life! He makes appearances on my blog and videos too....I should really look into getting an MCM rabbit accessory!



Where do you find inspiration?

I find my biggest inspiration within different cultures and cities.

My two biggest inspirations would be Shanghai, China and Swedish stylist, Elin Kling.


    How would you describe your styles?

I would describe my style as classic, modern and edgy.

Simple colors, lines and structures made from quality fabrics and materials.

I also follow the quality over quantity rule and would much rather have a few well made blouses then many mediocre ones.



Are there any designers that inspire you?

Anyone who creates unique and original designs of his or her own inspire me.  But I'm currently very inspired by Alexander Wang and equally as inspired by MCM!


How do you feel about the lifestyle of travel & global-nomadism?

I have been traveling since childhood and am so grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to do so. Having both traveled and lived abroad I can safely say I have learned so much more by experiencing different cities and cultures than by simply reading about them. 

Travel is so important for so many reasons.  

I could not imagine my life without travel and being inspired by the world and its people and cultures.


Do you have a favourite MCM bag?

My favorite MCM bag would have to be my first, the “Viestos draw string tote”, because it truly got me hooked on MCM.

It's uniqueness; quality and versatility really impress me!



In your own words how do you think luxury is a mindset?

I think Luxury is a way of life.

 Its not only in what garments you wear or the handbag you carry, but its what you surround yourself with… The cocktails you sip and the pillows you rest your head on.


     What do you like about MCM & what do you hope to achieve?

I am a self-admitted leather good addict, but there's something about the originality and quality of the MCM brand that excites me more than other brands.

I don’t see MCM in the states as often as other brands and I hope to help bring more awareness to Americans about how truly fabulous it is!



Introducing MJ Rabbit:

We meet the latest recruit to MCM’s blogosphere, MJ Rabbit. That’s because she’s known as MJ to her friends and she loves rabbits.

Tell us a bit about yourself, MJ Rabbit.

OK. I’m a writer, fashion-watcher, handbag collector and rabbit lover. I divide my time between the UK, France and Monte-Carlo, so I’m always on the move. That’s why I have a lot of bags! In England, I live in an old farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield. In France, I enjoy "l’art de vivre", especially gourmet food and good company. And in Monte-Carlo, you’ll find me people-watching or listening to the DJs at Jimmy’z. 

Your favourite place?

Source & credit:

I love sitting on Larvotto beach in Monte-Carlo, where I look at the azure blue Mediterranean sea while catching up on my magazines. I subscribe to hundreds of them!

What inspires you?

Nature. Wonderful!

Your extravagances?

Handbags, and anything rabbit-inspired. I love MCM’s rabbit key charms.

Favourite face?

Grace Kelly. I can stare at her perfect face for hours.

Favourite colour?

Monochrome. Even my pet rabbit, Pushkin, is black and white.

Favourite charity?

Source & Credit:

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London.

Favourite MCM bag?


My electric-blue MCM backpack, which I tie to the back of my vintage bicycle.

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