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Reflections on Zurich: Interview with MCM's Chief Creative Officer



We are pleased to welcome our Chief Creative Officer, Adrian J. Margelist  - in light of our latest Flagship opening in Zurich, we are enthused that we a native Swiss designer in our family!



For those of you who have been following MCM for a while, you will know Adrian J. Margelist as our former Global Artistic Director between 2008 and 2010 and was responsible for the ever lovely Munich Nostalgic Collection amongst many others. Now, Adrian is back as our Chief Creative Officer, and MCM's DNA in his veins.

Although our Zurich Flagship Grand Opening is just around the corner, we were able to steal a few moments to ask him some question about himself, about life in Zurich and about MCM's opportunity for the future:


Sarah Jane: Hi Adrian, how are you?  Please introduce yourself!

Adrian J. Margelist: Oh, I am fine, thanks.  I'm the Chief Creative Officer, responsible for the upcoming designs and the collection. Although I'm a Swiss native, I studied fashion design in Milan, then travelled the world through fashion - but now I'm back in my home country!


Sarah Jane: You were born there and you moved to Switzerland again. What’s special about living in there? 

Adrian J. Marlegist: It’s my origin that have got me to where I am today. My Valais roots keep my feet firmly on the ground. And in the circus of the fashion world, that’s a vital place to have them. 


Sarah Jane: Tell us something about Zurich and fashion - How do they work together?


Adrian J. Marlegist: Zurich is a melting pot of many cultures and influences. We are literally the heart of Europe surrounded by German, French, Italian, Austrian and Lichtenstein. Zurich is small but so global, therefore everything is gathered which I like. You can go from the hipster area to the street style within 10 Minutes. I love that clash... 


Sarah Jane: Zurich is renowned for excellence in innovation and design. Why is this city the premier locale for luxury in Europe? 

Adrian J. Marlegist: I guess the preciseness and correctness of the Swiss comes through. As said, even we are so small compare to other countries, we have a lot of innovation going on. The aim for Luxury goes together with Zurich. I do not have to mention our Watches, Chocolate, Cheese, Banks, etc. Zurich is one of the highest standards on Earth and therefore the right spot to be. 



Sarah Jane: Since Zurich has one of the highest standards in the world, it's definitely a good fit for luxury.  Name a few of your favourite luxury locales in town, please! 

Adrian J. Marlegist: Top locales for a luxury lifestyle in Zurich, hmm.


Hospitality - Zurich has hospitality for every type - for a taste of luxury, try the Hotel Helvetia, Hotel Baur au Lac, Hotel Widder, Hotel Dolder, and the Hotel Seefeld.



Gastronomy - For 5-star Michelin-quality gourmet, there are top possibilities for every taste; try Kronenhalle, Kaufleuten, Sala of Tokyo, and Fischers Fritz




 Leisure - Zurich offers a wide range of galleries - the art scene is huge!


Each city in Switzerland boasts a collecion of rich & vibrant museums.  Zurich is no exception - some local highlights are the National Museum, the Kunstmuseum and the Rietberg Museum.


Art from Switzerland

We also have the beautiful opera-house with its famous ballet, and we have the Lake in the middle of the City, which is one of the most beautiful and unique things. New York may have Central Park, but the lake is our Summer in the City.



Confectionery - well, the world famous Lindt Chocolate, which is made literally 300 meters away from where I live. Often we smell the chocolate when the windows are open!




Sarah Jane: What do you think: Why will the next opening be such a great opportunity for MCM?




Adrian J. Marlegist: Zurich is on the list of every global luxury traveller and every renowned brand is right here. Therefore it was just a matter of time for MCM -- with this new Flagship in the historical centre of Zurich, as a  European Luxury Brand, MCM is making the next important step before taking one giant leap worldwide!

       “Given the brand’s growing notoriety in Asia, there is an enormous potential in reaching today’s fans and tomorrow’s loyalists. The consumers are growing and it’s important that we grow with them

Adrian, thank you so much and see you next week <3

Best, Sarah Jane

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