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MCM Autumn/Winter 2012 - 'Munich Wildlife'


Munich- after an evolution of individualism, the unconventional and nonconformism, an insatiable hunger for life dominates, undulating through the city night after day.   A flourishing lust for life thrives, uniting the most diverse of people from all walks of life.  It’s an era of permeable boundaries between subculture and mass culture, between the aura of the individual and popular mass movement.  A touch of eccentricity is in the air and a free-spirited hedonism conquers. The glittering metropolis blazes a timeless never-ending intoxication. 



Evocative of the natural and untame, the city rebirths as the epicentre of passion, elegance, sophistication and opportunity, whose spirit characterises abundant wildlife. The cosmopolitan jungle radiates adventure, ambition, creativity and escapades into the unknown. Marinated with an enigmatic charm, Munich emits a restlessness, an energetic spontaneity and a desire for discovery. The city both captivates and mystifies in its evanescent charisma- here, opportunity is boundless: everything is possible.



Enter Patricia: a self-fashioned magnate, the femme fatale was no shrinking violet.  From her deluxe penthouse’s windowpanes, she casts a vacant glance outward; Munich’s horizon embraces her with frontiers of possibility.  Through a patchwork of sunlight, unspoken panoramas of confidence brimmed as she welcomed the limitless possibilities stretched before her.  Enraptured by infinite prospects, the windows characterised opportunity- their essence served as odes to achievement, success and empowerment. 


Inspiration proliferated within, as wild as the glittering metropolis outside.  There was no holding back; her beguiling confidence was veiled by an understated composure, exuding grandeur, dignity & revere.  Patricia’s wardrobe embodied the characteristic windows of opportunity, affording her imagination a montage of delights. Each window-like scenario bestowed shades of majesty, hues of dignity & opportunities of splendour.



Munich’s urban jungle kindled her inner tigress, where opportunity was stalked like wildlife in a cosmopolitan safari.  The world her oyster, possibilities became prey whose capture was simply a muse upon her deciding.  The newfound courtesan of opportunity became an archetype of poise, whose dignity was self-assured; her ability to charm made accomplishment her pastime. A weaver of destiny, the infinite possibilities became a mere musing of feline-and-mouse; she protected her fixture like a lioness, a tamer of the wild




Her determination was beguiling, alluring, yet fierce and unyielding.  Hypnotically enchanting yet boldly independent, Patricia seized her own destiny by opening her windows of opportunity.  Embracing a feline-like composure, she is a damsel-in-disguise: Patricia is alluring, elusive and unbound.  Walking a thin line between ambiguity and fervence, she is fascinated by both of her personas.  Patricia’s passions are subject to her own choosing, defaulting to nonchalance when nothing strikes her fancy. 


To her, excellence is a discrimination of precision, exaction and scrupulousness - her taste is panache, elegant with a flavour for the urbane, while understated without flamboyance.  Elegant yet breathtaking, Patricia’s determination was afflicted by precision, discernment and exactness.  Forever dissatisfied with the mundane, she walked a path of excellence in the pursuit of the flawless.  With the world on a string, it was a musing upon her own resolve. 

Here, MCM’s enchantress of fate was a huntress of opportunity; the jungled metropolis merited the splendour of a plumaged coronet.  Her inner lioness befitted the opulence of a peacock’s noble aesthetic, whose dramatically elongated feathers characterised integrity, veracity and magnificence.  Her eloquent disposition is concealed within a mere glance; her gaze both beckons and repels.  Look into her eyes and she means business, frivolity forever dismissed with nonchalance. 



A prototype of strength, Patricia’s inner vigour was seasoned with fortitude, independence and resolve.  She embodied a proclamation of the awakening to poise, whose inner courage permeated a self-endowed audacity.  Pruning weeds of disquiet, Patricia’s inner tigress is expressed with a discreet boldness, whose fierceness is revealed through both the occasional glance, and her daringly striking colour combinations, affording her an air of mystery and remote aloof. 


Munich’s urban hyperculture beckons the self-fashioned maven to live life to the max; for Patricia, ambition became an irony as she seized her dreams.   Her aspirations became obsolete as her dreams opened realities and windows of opportunity.  It was up to no one but her- she opens and closes the windows in her life and hunts unexplored horizons, unable to shake her fascination of the mysterious, walking in the shadows of no one.  Nothing to hide, her determination was fierce, her look magnetic.  Patricia realised anything was possible as long as she seized it.  Empowered by her redefined sovereignty, she closes the windows to her fears & doubts, and opens the them to a wildlife of endless possibilities


A connoisseur of all, she holds everyone in her thrall.  This femme fatale chased no man- it was them that chased her and it was her that glanced past them.  This season, Patricia is MCM’s 21st Century all-round heroine who succeeds by capturing and shaping her own destiny.  Discovering that empowerment is nothing until claimed, she is an attitude: daring, spirited & enchanting.  Her self-endowed attitude became defined by intention with an audacity to live freely; it was unbounded by restraint and punctuated with a deliberate boldness.  Patricia feels beautiful, empowered, and seizes the endless opportunities unfolding before her like an effortless muse of feline-and-mouse. 

Amidst Munich’s wildlife of glittering opportunity, Patricia wears the illustrious Grace Croco, the notorious Vasco, the distinguished M Moment, and the wild Leo Collection on a conquest of passion throughout Munich.  Enhancing her beguiling allure, these bold & contemporary accessories flaunt enriched colour combinations affirming a daring glamour that goes unspoken, much like the purr of an enigmatic tigress. 

Her passion for discovery is only matched by her unspoken majesty.   She’s a head-turner, a trend setter and daredevil; women covertly aspire to be her, men to be hers.  While she radiates refinery, her sophistication is implicit-- she is truly a rebel, the freest of spirits: ambitious, impassioned, a woman who shapes her own destiny amidst Munich’s feral metropolis, based on her newfound self-empowered destiny.


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