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On Style Slicker's Horizon



Kit Lee, aka Style Slicker has been featured on this blog many, many times. This is because we love her as much as she loves her MCM bags... I mean how could you resist her wit, her charm and her impeccable style? Add to this a very unique eye for styling, a true talent for photography and you pretty much have the makings of an international style icon. Find out what makes Kit tick and 'What's on her Horizon'...


What's on your mind? 

My mind tends to overload with creative ideas through visual thinking or processing, it's tiring and bothersome- imagine the sleepless nights! I'm a firm believer in intuition and gut instinct, the outcome of coincidences may take months or years to become apparent. My discovery of MCM is a great example, I first found out about the brand through my sister 3 summers ago.  I remember she brought home this amazing pink studded Boston bag by MCM, a brand I never heard about before. I did some googling out of curiosity,  and found out it was a very popular German luxury handbag brand, with a huge popularity across Asia,especially thanks to KPOP celebrities. Right at that point, I fell in love with the brand and the collection.  Four months later, by coincidence, I was invited by MCM UK for the Blogger Makeover Shoot and the love story started from there. Thank you Laetitia! (ndlr - you are very welcome Kit!)


Kit at this year's Blogger makeover


Kit playing a practical joke on me at our Summer party :)

What are your hopes / dreams / aspirations?  

My hope is to continue to be creative, I've been doing this since I was an infant! My dream is to sail around the world on a small yacht, just me and my electronic essentials. It will happen some day.


What's on your horizon of travel? 

I fell in love with South Korea and Korean food when I first visited the country a few years ago, it was a very short visit. I'm determined to go back there one day.  Fortunately, my younger brother Ken is currently based between GwangJu and Seoul, he has a food & lifestyle blog covering his adventures in South Korea http://seoulstateofmind.comI'm obsessed with his visual diaries.


What would be on your horizon if you had a genie in a handbag?  

I'm going to sound like a beauty pageant contestant, I wish for World Peace.


Emily from Fashion Foie Gras and Kit at our VIP Blogger lunch in London

What's on your MCM horizon?

I absolutely adore the Craig & Karl collection, the pouch or the brief case are firmly on my wish list... They look so fun! I also love the Nuovo and First Lady collections so I would go for the Nuovo Croc and First Lady mini cross body. 



Kit's 2012 Blogger Makeover

What would be on your horizon if you could have/be/do anything? 

Wow this is a tough question. If I could, I would love to revive my childhood dream of becoming an Olympian Athlete even just for a day, and perhaps experience holding a gold medal.


So... Is falling in love with Kit on your horizon yet?

Traduction - un interview avec Kit Lee du blog Style Slicker sur ses reves.

Love from Mademoiselle Robot

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