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MCM Opens in Tianjing at Wuqing Florentia Village Luxury Outlet Centre
Discover our new boutique at Wuqing Florentia Village Luxury Outlet Centre:
MCM Opens in Tianjing at Wuqing Florentia Village Luxury Outlet Centre
Discover our new boutique at Wuqing Florentia Village Luxury Outlet Centre:
Editorial Stylights of August
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Grab one of the limited backpacks and start your personal journey!



Our daily life is always a journey? whenever we're at work or just relax with some friends: It's a fact, that we, however, love to carry all of our favourite things with us. If we now take a deep breath and listen to our inner selves, we kind of observe a little global nomad attitude in each of us. That vibe is exactly what inspires MCM's current designs and usability: Whether we plan a big voyage, just a short trip or simply our daily life our lovely brand created some stunning luggage bags, that help us safe our worthy time and manage our everyday-chaos. 

The global nomadism inspired backpacks combine everything that stands for an outstanding design in a luxury, useful and beautiful way. Maybe that is what makes MCM to this unique, timeless and at the same time very modern generation-lovely. We are always online, always on the go but need a reliable partner who cares: MCM is a brand that reflects the needs of contemporary consumers who lead multiple lives, encompassing family, sports, travel, and business and keep our belongings safe and intimate. So let’s take a closer look at the new babies and find your inner global nomad in you. 

Global nomadism, the city nomad M111007S-002 Traveling always is a good experience. Whether we are on a short trip or on a long voyage, it is very important for each of us to carry our personal stuff safely and closely with us: Our mobile to be connected, our travel guide to find the right way, our wallet which keeps our money, passport and credit card (the pictures of our love ones).


But today we are not just focused on the practical issues, we also want to express ourselves by a beautiful and international design. The Cognac Visetos Backpack might be the perfect partner for you to discover a different city or a new culture, and will keep your intimate life safe. 

Global nomadism, the working nomad

M111019S-029 We need so many things around us in our daily life. Imagine, you are on your way to the office: you need several documents, your notebook and your personal items like your backpack.


Everything is so valuable and you can’t live without each belonging. But of course, it is business time ? so you need a bag that is elegant, reliable and practicable at the same time. Easy answer: Grab a black global-nomadism-inspired bag which comes in a minimalistic way! 

Global nomadism, the outgoing nomad


Imagine taking part in an after dinner or an exclusive vernissage? where do you hide your umbrella, where do you pack your sunnies? There are times, you don’t carry that much things with you, except your mobile, your keys and your wallet, but anyways you have to look perfect and special.


Maybe you are on your way to the first date or something like that? Just make sure to have everything you need around you and feel comfortable and safe, the rest will easily come by its own. 

Global nomadism, the leisure time nomad


Everybody needs some time to rest and during summertime it’s one of our greatest pleasures to spent the time in beautiful green parks, chilling on a bank, reading a good book or having a lovely picknick with friends.


Take a can of ice-tea from the fridge, put some strawberries in a box and don’t forget to catch a blanket - it will be a wonderful day! And everything fits in the backpack ? I promise. 

Global nomadism, the treasure nomad

M111013S-016 If someone asks me what I love the most in case of materialistic things, I would answer that there are a few personal items I would miss a lot, beside all day belongings like my smartphone, my notebook and my diary I would definitely miss my locket which keeps a photo of my mother and me.


I also couldn’t live without my dog and my cosy pullover and both feel like home in a totally different way and remind me of some memories from  the past.

Love, Sarah

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