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On Mademoiselle Robot's Horizon...



Do you remember when I introduced you to our brand new collaboration a few weeks ago? We are collaborating with NYC based Craig Redman and his partner in crime London based Karl Maier on the "Eyes on the Horizon" collection. Although they live on different sides of the world, they collaborate daily to create bold pieces of art as well as pop art infused commercial pieces. They've exhibited before at the Musee de la Publicite in the Louvre in Paris, and they worked with all the most respected brands including MCM of course! You can find out more about this talented duo on their website


The collection was an instant hit with all of MCM's Blog Ambassadors... Sarah and Nike Jane fell in love with it, I fell in love with it and then the whole blogosphere fell in love with it during Firenze4Ever, a three day styling extravaganza organised by LuisaViaRoma (where you can buy the collection).


Some of our MCM blogger friends at Firenze4Ever

Now, on the eve of our big London launch (which I will be live tweeting, instagramming and all the social media trimmings) and with all of London's finest coming out to play, I thought it was time to tell you what's on my horizon at the moment... and for the rest of my fashion life... I give you a hint: it includes beautiful bags, lots of love and trips around the world on a unicorn. You can also find out a lot more about me on my blog,


This is me with my Very MCM bag. I <3 it!

What's on your mind?

I always have many, many things on my mind, so I suppose you could say my brain is a bit like a chest of drawers filled with various things to think about, worry about, write about etc. First and foremost, my little girl and husband are on my mind at all times, they give me something to worry about, I like living on the edge... Then of course there is work. I love writing for a living as this means looking around everywhere for inspiration. It can become overwhelming and a bit peculiar when I stop short in the middle of a conversation to write something down, but my friends are used to it by now! Right this minute, I have very mundane things on my mind, such as what haircut I am going to get and what outfit I am going to wear to the MCM Summer Fete! All good things!


What are your hopes / dreams / aspirations?

This is going to sound like a bit of a cliche, but I mainly dream of a long happy life spent in love and surrounded with my dearest friends and family. I mean who doesn't? I would love to one day be able to live in Los Angeles, which is one of my favourite places in the world - and also not unlike the Eyes on the Horizon collection - just to experience this American Dream everyone is talking about. I hope to be able to work on a new book next year, and generally to carry on living as I do. Sometimes I look at my life and I think perhaps I am already living my dream life. 



What's on your horizon of travel?

Oh! So many places! I am always everywhere these days it seems. Mostly for work, but I try to also travel as much as I can for pleasure. In the next month and a half, I am going to Gran Canaria, Paris, Toulouse, Stockholm and Los Angeles... After that, who knows! I adore travelling. 


What would be on your horizon if you had a genie in a handbag?

I'd ask for a glimpse into the future, a teleporting machine and a day with David Bowie (not necessarily in this order). Gosh, I could also be greedy, but apparently genies don't really like greedy people so I will stick with those!

What's on your MCM shopping horizon?

EVERYTHING in the Craig & Karl collection!! And if I have some space left in my flat, I would love to get my hands on one of the MCM biker jackets. I am so in love with the Eyes on the Horizon collection (as I have already said here) and I would happily carry only those bags for the rest of my fashion days. 


What would be on your horizon if you could have / be / do anything?

You know, I often ask myself this question... Well not exactly this question, as I generally wonder what I would do if I won the lottery. I suppose this would answer the "have anything" part of the question so this is a start. If I did win the lottery, I would buy a nice house for me, one for my parents, put together a College fund for my little girl and then invest the rest so I can carry on working on projects I love without worrying about money ever. I know it is pretty boring, but I suppose you are what you are. 

If I could be anyone, I think I would just be the best possible version of who I am. I quite enjoy being me, I love my life, my family, my job so I don't think I would change who I am!

If I could do anything, I would go away for a year and travel everywhere (on a unicorn since we are talking impossible things). Then I would come back and start working through all the million projects I constantly have in mind!

If you want to find out more about our super cool Summer Fete, you should follow MCM on Twitter and Instagram as I will be taking over our feed to keep you in the loop. You will find out who attended the party, read some exclusive interviews and discover which top bloggers, celebs and fashionistas are the newest members of the MCM Family!

Traduction - A la veille de notre fete estivale celebrant notre nouvelle collaboration avec Craig & Karl, je vous propose de decouvrir ce qui se profile a l'horizon pour moi!

Love from Mademoiselle Robot

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